Doodlebops contest winners and more!

By Mir
August 9, 2006

Hey, did y’all remember that we were having a contest? I challenged you to show me your love for the Doodlebops for a chance to win fabulous prizes, and some of you actually did. I’ll tell you about the winners in just a second. (This is the blog equivalent of the “And the winner is… going to be announced after the next commercial!”)

As an Extra! Special! Bonus! in honor of Want Not’s first ever official contest, I have a little something for all of my readers! Ty’s Toy Box—your online source for Doodlebops merchandise, yes, but also purveyor of many of the hottest licensed character lines around—has graciously agreed to grant a special promo to the Want Not crowd. Not a Doodlebops fan? No problem. They also carry an extensive selection of Teen Titansicon, Strawberry Shortcakeicon, Ben 10icon… oh, listen, they carry a lot of awesome lines; I promise they have something your kids love.

Anyway, go visit Ty’s and use code WantNot from now through Friday, August 11th, to take 10% off your total order. Just because. Open to all Want Not readers, because you’re pretty. Thanks, Ty’s!

On to the prize winners!

The winner of the runner-up random drawing prize is the only person who wasn’t too L-A-Z-Y to enter the random drawing, which, incidentally, made my job pretty easy. So. MamaChristy, you’ve just won yourself a copy of the Rock & Bop Doodlebops CDicon!

And now, our grand prize winner, the submitter of the creative Doodlebops photo that beat out the others, who will receive this backpackicon, this t-shirt (in red)icon, the Rock & Bop CDicon, this coloring bookicon, and a Doodlebops magnet….

The grand prize winner is Elizabeth (who appears to be blogless), and, well… just take a look for yourself.

Winners, please contact me with mailing addresses so that I can send your prizes out to you!

Thanks to everyone who entered, thanks to Special Ops Media for the prizes, and thanks to Ty’s Toy Box for kicking in the promo code and being such good sports. I love it when nice people and free stuff all come together. It’s better than chocolate and peanut butter, truly.


  1. That’s awesome – thanks for that code! We have a birthday coming up, so that’ll be great.

    I fell in love with that site – if only I knew they carried Max and Ruby toilet seat inserts (you know, those potty training things) before I bought the horrific Dora one.

  2. That’s awesome. The look on the baby’s face is priceless.

  3. Super cool! Elizabeth totally deserved to win ’cause, HELLO, that was totally cute.

    And I won, too! So cool. Thanks to pretty Mir for a fun contest and awesome deals all the time.

  4. Multi-tasking with the help of the Doodlebops — awesome.

  5. So…what? You’re saying that you didn’t like my photo? ;P

  6. I want to see allllll the pretty pictures! Can you link to them all? Pretty please?

  7. Ooooh! I’m so excited!!! Congrats, also, to MamaChristy! Thanks, Mir, for such a pretty contest. 🙂

  8. Lovely picture, Elizabeth – congratulations! The cup on the left side of the table is so beautiful. Can you tell me more about it? Thanks!

  9. Betsy H.,

    Lol. Our chamber of commerce does a new mug every year – always featuring a scene from somewhere in town. Our neighbor is on the board so he usually saves one for us. Otherwise, people get them the day of the Christmas market. Stores will have their customers draw a random slip of paper out of a hat for the chance to win one of the mugs.
    #13 on the online city tour is Rossmarkt (the plaza where horses were traded during the middle ages) – here is a real photo of what is on the mug in cartoon form. 🙂

  10. That’s so sweet of you, Elizabeth, thank you 🙂 My husband was once stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany, and I loved my time there very much – especially the Christmas Markets over there. Take care, and have fun with your lovely kids.

  11. Yeah Elizabeth! Congrats! Those two are adorable! Can’t wait until the next time you are over visiting!

  12. Thanks so much! The nifty prizs got here safely yesterday to the delight of my toddler. 🙂 Wow…that backpack sure is, um, cheerful.

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