“Free” food magazine subscription

By Mir
August 10, 2006

In general, nothing makes my skin crawl so much as a sign advertising that something is “FREE! with qualifying purchase.” It’s one of my least favorite forms of marketing, and I dislike it because I think it’s misleading.

On the other hand, why throw the baby out with the bathwater? Sometimes “free with purchase” is a good deal. How can you tell? Just take my specially-developed, highly-technical quiz to find out.

1) Is the product something you would buy anyway, at a price you’d pay?
2) Is the free item something you will use?

If you answered YES to both of these questions, congratulations! You’ve found a deal!

With those caveats aside, here’s a possible deal for you:

Buy qualifying Glad products, get a year’s subscription to Everyday Food magazine. Not a bad freebie if you’re already a Glad fan. (Thanks, Edge!)


  1. Cool! I’m always looking for new/easy food ideas. Thanks!

  2. I bought my Glad products tonight. Suh-weet! Free magazine! OF FOOD!

  3. Oooh! Plus keep the bugs out! lol

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