Crocs madness — now for the kids

By Mir
August 11, 2006

Remember when I caved to the lure of the Crocs? I am ashamed, truly. But ever since then? My kids have been bugging me for Crocs. My daughter puts mine on and walks around the house going, “Ahhh… ahhhhh… these are SO SOFT.”

I found the deal that put me over the edge. These are not Crocs, but I’m hoping they’ll be a reasonable facsimile—and the price is certainly right. You can use coupon code SUNSAND for 50% off and free shipping at Skechers. Then you can get the boys’ version for a cool $9.50 shipped or the adorable flowered girls’ version for $11 shipped.

Skechers lists both of these as “waterproof sandals,” but let’s call a spade a spade: They’re Crocs knock-offs. My kids will wear them year-round. Well, they’ll wear boots in the Winter (don’t go calling the authorities on me, or anything, let’s be clear), and change into these inside at school.

Take that, Crocs.


  1. I found some reasonably priced knockoffs at Payless in toddler sizes. If you can’t find what you want in your local store, you can order from their website and get free shipping to your local store.

  2. The SUNSAND coupon, will that work for anything at Skechers or just those sandals?


  3. Just so you know, has a the Croc Niles on sale for under fifteen dollars plus shipping. Sizes and colors are limited, but if you are determined to have the “real thing” this is a pretty good deal. I set myself up with two pair for next summer!

  4. kelly jeanie: SUNSAND will work on anything the Skechers site considers sandals.

    Sara: My Crocs are Niles, which I got from Zappos by pricematching REI. I love them!

  5. I refused to buy these. Until now. Thanks. My daughter is going to freak out!

  6. I myself am a big huge fan of Keen but 2 kids like the knock-offs from payless. I did order each kid a pair from skeckers. Thanks 🙂

  7. The Crocs Prima and Crocs Sandal are really great shoes. I think you will eventually have to buy them for the kids. They are just like Skechers which have become a hit.

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