Dining out for less

By Mir
August 11, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Do you know Restaurant.Com? If you dine out (or want to dine out but think you can’t afford it), check it out for some great deals. It varies by area; you can key in your zip code and specify a radius.

As if their deals weren’t good enough on their own, use coupon code 82825 for 40% off your total purchase [Edited to add: or code 54501 for 50% off! Thanks, Amy!]. Valid through August 31st, 2006.

Bon appetit!


  1. Oh, Mir! It’s so hard to eat out with a family of four sometimes. Thanks for posting this you pretty, pretty, lady!

  2. There’s also a better coupon code for 50% off – 54501. It also expires August 31st.

    I love both of your blogs. And, of course, you’re so pretty.

  3. Oooooh, Amy! You’re so pretty for sharing that, too! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the tip. We’re going out tonight.


  5. Thanks, Amy! I’m going to add that code to the original post, pretty lady!

  6. It’s only for the US. 🙁
    – Sad canadian reader.

  7. Mir and Amy, y’all are so pretty! I invested in four lovely dinners for a fraction of the face value and I can’t wait to try out these new restaurants! Now…who knows how to save money on my gym membership? Because surely I will need it after all this dining out.

  8. Oh WOW this is a great find! Thank you Mir and Amy, you pretty ladies 🙂 We eat out all the time and this will definately help.

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