Is it too early to think about Halloween?

By Mir
August 22, 2006

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

If you have ever known the horror of trying to find just the right costume for your child in October—when the stores are picked over and what remains requires a second mortgage on your house—then you know that now is a perfectly fine time to start looking for Halloween costumes. Particularly if they’re on sale.

Check out the Big Sale at Lillian Vernon. They have tons of stuff marked down, and among them, some really adorable costumes at rock-bottom prices. (Here’s a hint: If you go into the Kids’ section and then costumes, for some reason not all of the choices are showing. Instead, go through Holiday Sale to see everything.)

Shipping starts at $5.95. Here are some codes to sweeten the deal:

535850100 – 10% off, no minimum
816850900 – Free Shipping on $50 – Expires 08/22/06
146850100 – 15% off $100 – Expires 08/31/06
036850100 – Free Shipping on $75 – Expires 08/31/06

My daughter selected the Renaissance Princess, while my son can’t wait to be a mummy in his own coffin. I never would’ve bought these at full price, but at $10 a pop, I’m feeling generous.


  1. I also got a deal at, I got my son a infant Spiderman Costume for $9.95. Yay!

  2. OK, you MUST be reading my mind…I was JUST over at LV shopping for Halloween Costumes…I ALMOST purchased and KNEW there had to be a promo code out there SOMEWHERE…so I googled it and found these same code. How FUNNY!

    Hubbie thinks I am INSANE for shopping for Halloween this soon.

  3. I not only have already thought of Halloween, but already have a few Christmas presents put away too. I rarely tell people this because they get all angry, but whatever! This sale looks pretty good to get some dress up clothes in addition to Halloween costumes.

  4. Never too early! I start buying Christmas presents on December 26! Love the blog!

  5. Hmmm…why are all women’s halloween costumes a variation on the whore theme? Sassy maid, sexy kitten, mummy woman who’s lost most of her wrappings and is aching for some undead action, vixen vampire.
    Sorry, off topic again.

  6. Kira: “Aching for some undead action?” Get your newlywed hormones off my blog, Jezebel. 😉

  7. Ooooer….I love you for this blog! Now it will be so much easier to maintain the lifestyle to which I have lowered my expectations.

    I just came from Mary’s site where she got a spankin new Porsche. Got a code for one of those?


  8. After the great deal on backpacks (LL Bean) in June leading to the wonderful cuteness of my kids on the first day of school, I am ready for anything. You say buy costumes now? Yes ma’am, it’s done.
    Let me know when you want me to get started on Easter.

  9. Thank you, Mir. I now have a geisha girl and a renaissance princess en route.

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