Coupons for carnivores and others

By Mir
August 24, 2006

So, remember how I was all “oh, you can’t get coupons on meat you know” the other day?

I lied.

Well, not on purpose. I was underinformed. They are harder to come by, though.

But, look! Over there! Coupons for organic meats! (Which, just in case you’re not clear, is completely different than organ meats.) I didn’t even realize my supermarket carries Coleman Naturals, but they’re on the list, so I guess they do. And as soon as my coupons come, I’ll be shopping for my delicious, hormone-free meat.

Many thanks to the organic (though not at all hormone-free) Kira for the tip.

Also, go buy yourself some Hunt’s ketchup. I mean it. Then go do this form thingie and get $20 in coupons for other foodstuffs. (This tip courtesy of the newly-crowned coupon queen, Belinda, who advises waiting for a sale and then using a coupon for the purchase, too.)


  1. Awesome, it looks like Kroger sells it too.

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am hormone-laden! AND a Jezebel! All in the same week! MAN, I must be on my game this week.

  3. I think it’s worth mentioning that Cook’s Illustrated just recently picked Hunt’s as the best tasting ketchup in a taste test against other major and “gourmet” brands. I don’t have a link, becuase you need to be a member to view the results.

  4. See? And I’ve been a TOTAL Hunt’s snob my entire life. It jest don’t taste right, to us. But yeah, the $20 coupons you can get for free include some really good brands.

    And YES! I WILL be hitting up my Kroger for the organic meats; thank you! Can’t believe I hadn’t stumbled across that one!

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