The only thing better than chocolate is free chocolate

By Mir
August 31, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Join the official Nestle Chocolatier online team and receive coupons for their new premium baking chocolate. (I read that everyone who signs up in September gets a coupon for a free bag; but it’s not September yet and I can’t find this anywhere on the site. Still, worth a shot.)

But they’re playing my song over there:

Love Chocolate? Particularly free chocolate? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The Nestle Chocolatier Official Online Team is your premiere destination to sample Chocolatier and share the indulgent Chocolatier experience with your friends and family.

(Note to Nestle: You can’t make me share.)


  1. I’m not sure about this–the sign up site isn’t part of a nestle site, and many of the links don’t work. Makes me a little suspicious. And there’s no link from the site to this. What is M80?

  2. Edge: There is a link off of to this sign-up. M80 is an online marketing group for buzz marketing.

  3. Actually, I’m still boycotting Nestle products as long as they continue to market their formula so agressively in 3rd world countries (which violates WHO standards).

  4. My kids loved the Good Start Formula and I love chocolate!

  5. I’m with Tanya.  See for more info.

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