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By Mir
September 8, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!, Inc.Overstock is still running their 10% off coupon. Be sure to check out the Steal of the Dayicon—today it’s a 200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set. True, it’s not going to offer the ultimate luxury of some of the higher thread counts, but it’s a perfectly serviceable set of sheets, and if you’re buying for a king or cal king bed, the price is certainly right ($26.99 before coupon).

The Amazon Friday sale is offering too many things I want this week. I shall have to practice a bit of self-control, which is good for me. Or something. Hmph.

Going camping, or looking to start stocking up for next season? You might want to check out this self-inflating mat. Or perhaps this mummy sleeping bag. (Although, a bag like that is overkill for casual family summer camping. The mats are a great item to have regardless of your level of roughing-it, though, unless you enjoy having sticks and pebbles poke you in the back all night long.)

For those of you who don’t read me elsewhere, you may not know that I broke down and bought myself a Roomba from the Friday sale a few weeks back. The good news is that I got a great deal; the bad news is that it was broken; the better news is that iRobot customer service gets two thumbs up from me: they replaced my faulty reconditioned unit with a brand new one, no questions asked. Now? I love my Roomba with a deep, abiding, and slightly unholy love. Love. It. There’s another reconditioned Roomba up for sale today, and it’ll run you just $134.99 after coupon FALLSAVE. I say go for it. Everyone should have their own robot. (Mine is cleaning the kitchen right now, while I sit here at my computer. Love!)

Not that I’m encouraging you to spend frivolously. No no no! Please shop responsibly. But if you can responsibly manage to get a Roomba, all the better….


  1. Woo-hoo! I got the Roomba for my mom for Christmas. She’ll love it.

  2. Mir is pretty and Roombas are shiny. Thanks Mir, for making me covet the Roomba and now for putting it within my grasp.

  3. Kayla: That’s a good deal, too. It depends on what you want. The one I got (and the one in the Friday sale) is a Scheduler model with a dock. Although I may not use the scheduling feature because I always need to pick up after the kids, first, before it can run, I love that I can tell it to go back to the dock to recharge when it’s done.

    Also, the one you linked comes with only 1 virtual wall. The other comes with 2, which I need because my house has a very open floorplan.

    If you don’t need the bells and whistles of the more expensive one (if the dock doesn’t matter to you, if you don’t need more than one virtual wall, if you don’t care about programming it to run at a certain time), go for the Red! 🙂

  4. I need a really nice digital camera under $50. am I dreaming? Of course I am 🙂

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