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By Mir
September 13, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Today only, Wilsons Leather is offering free shipping on every order. Just make sure you select Ground Shipping, and it should be free.

Check out the Clearance Section for the best deals; many of the items on clearance will be reduced an additional 30% when placed in your cart. (Yes, they’re labelled. You don’t have to just guess.)

But I don’t care how good of a deal it is, if you buy this I am going to laugh at you. Fair warning.


  1. Oh my gosh, did you see that you can get matching booties? That is just scary.

    I love both your sites! Thanks for the hard work and all the laughs!

  2. Ah not only booties but a collar too! For the true pooch fashionista. Gives a whole new meaning to “screw the pooch,” doesn’t it?

    On a more serious note. Who can give me advice on leather and kiddos? They have a cute suede jacket for $19.99. Am I insane?

  3. Ani: I wouldn’t do it, but that’s mostly because I don’t think I’ve ever spent $20 on a coat for my kids. 😉 If you want to go for it, buy a can of waterproofer (a kind intended for suede!) and spray the jacket, first.

  4. Did you notice the information that says:
    Native American Beaded Jacket, Country of Origin: Imported.

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