Please don’t blame me if it’s gross

By Mir
September 18, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sometimes I will share a goodie that I’m really not all that thrilled about. I do it because I try to accept the possibility that not everyone agrees with me about everything. (Although, that would be so wrong, don’t you think? Of course you do.)

So. In my opinion? Instant coffee is the work of the devil. And I’m not positive that I want whole bean coffee from the people who’ve been selling kitty litter labelled as coffee for a trillion years. But who knows? Maybe it’s delicious. Find out for free, if you dare, and let me know how it tastes.


  1. I’ll get it for my mother-in-law, who thinks Folgers is delicious. I’ll stick with Peet’s for me.

    Thanks Mir!

  2. I use it ONLY for cooking and camping.

  3. Not my preference in coffee… but “kitty litter labelled as coffee.” Ouch. Just a bit harsh there aren’t we?

  4. aw, PEEEETS. Sigh. I left GOOD coffee/espresso behind me when I left the Seattle area. **sniff, sniff, cry**

  5. wait, not liking Foldgers? As if it was better than that nasty weak tasteless Taster’s Choice that is so popular in CT???

  6. You know, Caya, you can buy Peet’s from their website. I got my dad in Alaska hooked on it.

  7. Hi, I know you said instant, but the picture says ‘ground coffee’ am I missing something?

  8. Kathleen: Yes, you’re missing something. Read the post again. 🙂 The freebie is indeed non-instant coffee.

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