Oh, Friday Sale. . . don’t be silly

By Mir
September 22, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So I popped up the the Amazon Friday Sale this morning and found myself wondering what exactly people with money are buying, and am I really so very far from the norm, with my frugal ways?

Case in point: Front and center on the Friday Sale page are these shoes. Now, I’ll grant you that they are cute. Adorable, even. (I’m only slightly put off by the ubiquitous “unknown binding” line under the product name. Huh?) But they’re infant shoes. For $35.89. Which—I gather—is supposed to thrill me, because normally these shoes are $54.95.

This sort of thing just blows my mind. I mean, someone must be buying them. Me, I’m just the sort of cheapskate who says things like “Infant shoes? Seriously? They can’t even walk!”

You want a sale price I can get excited about? How about this Calphalon stock pot for $39.99. Now that is a deal. And won’t be outgrown in three weeks.

Or maybe this Roomba Discovery or the Roomba Scheduler, which, what’s happening here? Is Amazon putting Roombas on every Friday sale? That would be awesome, because I believe that whole “chicken in every pot” thing is so yesterday. Today’s politicians should totally be promising a Roomba in every family room. (And don’t forget coupon code FALLSAVE for another $25 off!)

I’m also seriously considering jumping on the luxury sheets train with these 800 thread count sheets. (Or! I could go whole-hog to these sinful 1000 thread count sheets!) In fact, if I buy two sets, I can use that FALLSAVE coupon… hmmmmm….

And I know I highlighted this before, and I know it’s too much money for a sane person to spend (even if it is a really good deal), but I want one of these.

Happy shopping!


  1. Hi there, I’m not able to use that FALLSAVE coupon. Is there a secret? Other than typing it into the correct box, I mean. THANKS!

  2. Ya know, your ravings about Roomba have gotten to me so much, I seriously wish I had more carpeting in my house, just so I could justify buying one.

  3. Thanks for the tip about the stockpot! I need one of those and now I have one, with free shipping – have a great weekend!

  4. Rachel: FALLSAVE applies only when you spend $125.00 or more on Kitchen & Housewares or Bed & Bath products offered by Amazon.com. You may be trying to buy something offered by a partner, or in the wrong category. Or maybe your total is too low?

    Latte Man: Works great on wood and tile, too! I use mine in the family room but I use it more often in the kitchen and dining area (no carpet). Just so you know. 🙂

  5. Oh, Latte Man, don’t let your carpet envy stand in the way of buying a Roomba. I’ve got the Roomba Red, and it does a great job on our tile and hardwood floors.

  6. So tell me this… can you really tell a difference betwen 400ct thread sheets (sateen are our favorite!) and 800ct? Really??

  7. If you’re a person who gets lost ALL the time, like me, that GPS is a seriously good deal and is worth it. I got an earlier version of that, after my mother (who has the same lack-of-direction gene that I inherited) promised me it would change my life. It has.

  8. Thanks oh pretty one for the link to the stock pot. I’ve been thinking I needed a new one and that was a great price.

  9. Mir, I bought a set of 1000 count sheets. Totally and completely worth it. If I didn’t already crave time in my bed – for sleep – well, I don’t think I’ll be getting out of bed anytime soon.

  10. I missed the Friday sale, but I just now (Saturday) clicked on the stock pot link, and guess what??? That pot is now $34.99!

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