Friday, all day

By Mir
September 29, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s a rainy Friday in my neck of the woods, and I would like to crawl back into bed. But maybe you’d like to do some shopping., Inc.Overstock is still offering 10% off all orders through the end of the month (click on the graphic or right here to activate your coupon) and they’re having a sale on… let’s see… everything. Heh. Kidding! They’re having a sale on furniture.

The Amazon Friday Sale has this Calphalon pan again, if you missed it the last dozen times it was in the Friday sale. (Makes me wonder how many of those Amazon has….)

If you don’t already own a Hoover FloorMate, let me just tell you that I love mine and will never go back to mopping. (And you can use the FALLSAVE coupon if you find something else you need that brings your total up to $125. Oooh, maybe this cutlery set?)

You may have guessed by now that I have a thing for hard-anodized aluminum cookware. So I have to show you these mini au gratins, which make me want to kiss them and hug them and call them George, they’re so cute.

Also, I have no idea why I would want a hipshot compressor, but it’s 74% off and looks really manly, so, um, there ya go.

Not in the mood for shopping, but wanting a freebie? Don’t forget, tomorrow is Museum Day!


  1. So pretty, Mir. So very pretty.

    I’m thinking, because it’s early, you missed the best possible item on Amazon’s Friday Sale – Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller. Chills cans/bottles in minutes. All for $49.99 in the Kitchen section.

    “Go get Daddy a nice chilled vodka tonic. And make it snappy.”

  2. I love my Hoover Floormate too. Only mine needs fixing, it makes this awful high-pitched noise, and so I’m afraid to use it for fear of ruining it *crycrycry* I miss my Floormate *sniffle*

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