One-day sale at My Twinn

By Mir
October 13, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Take 35% off your purchase of a My Twinn Friend doll, today only.

These are beautiful, high-quality dolls with good articulation (means you can pose them in all sorts of life-like ways). But I think getting one that’s a clone of your kid is sort of creepy. I did, one year, score a bargain on one for my daughter. It’s one of the “Friends,” though, not one that looks like her. She, of course, wants a custom-made clone.

Bottom line: Nice dolls, creepy marketing. To me, anyway. Enjoy.


  1. Mir – You are both beautiful and astute! I’m so glad to find someone else who thinks the My Twinn dolls are a little creepy. Their catalog showed up at work a couple weeks ago, and one of my co-workers thought it was the greatest thing ever. Give me the shivers.

  2. Since I have identical twin girls, I wonder if their Twinn dolls would look the same. But I’m not curious enough to spend a couple hundred bucks on them. We’re going the American Girl route, less expensive and less creepy.

  3. Oh, thank you!!! My best friend was going to order one for her daughter, anyway, so I just sent her the info! She will be thrilled to save $45 this way!

  4. We got one (long story of my desire to give my daughter everything I was never allowed to have). She played with it for exactly one day, and then after a few years of it looking at me all the time, I donated it. Now my daughter’s clone is floating around somewhere waiting to be had at quite a deal. I also thought it looked nothing like her, especiall compared to how freakishly similar the girls in the catalog look to their dolls!

  5. See, now, my daughter really does love and play with hers (constantly!), but I’m glad it’s just a doll and not a mini-her. 😉

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