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By Mir
October 15, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… I’ve got another one for you.

[And I really do try to balance out the “Oh! A sale! Go look!” links with other things, so that we don’t end up with a great big blog of ways to spend every last cent. That’s not the point of this place. But as we swoop down in on the holiday shopping seasons, the sales will be many and you’ll see more links here to places to shop rather than, say, my delightful suggestions on how to make all of your Christmas gifts out of macaroni and construction paper. Mostly because I don’t believe in gifts made of pasta. But you get the point. I’m not suggesting that you go spend money at every single one of these places. Merely pointing out—in a season when you’re more likely to be spending—how to make the most of your purchases.]

Anyway. Moving on!

Check out the Big Saleicon at Lillian Vernon. They’ve even got a smattering of clearanced Halloween items in there, already.

Sweeten the deal: Get your cart up to $50+ and use coupon code 096840100 to receive free shipping on your entire order.



  1. Okay, so I guess you have seen the bitacle crap based on the footer of your RSS feed. Sorry that they got you along with the rest of us. Totally stinks, huh? Ah well, thanks for all the good sales – there was a time a couple months ago that my husband damned you because I was shopping a little more – but he has come to see the ways of the GREAT DEAL and I’ve, um, curtailed my shopping a bit. Hum.

  2. Yeah, Bitacle is siphoning both of my blogs now. THANKS, BITACLE! Not that the copyright notice is going to help anything, but it makes me feel better. 😛

  3. I rarely shop Lillian Vernon, but I actually found several really good dirt-cheap bargains on this one. I resisted signing up for their “rewards” service, though — I read the fine print.

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