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By Mir
October 17, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I feel the need to atone for posting this bar yesterday morning, as so many of you noted that it looked not so much wildcrafted as regurgitated.

Try this PRIA Grains one, instead. It’s also organic and frou-frou nutritious, but has the added bonus of actually looking like food.


  1. On sites where you have to be “18 or over” to order, WHY do they put years younger than that on the drop-down menu? This site even has 2006 on the menu. ??????? Am I the only one who notices these things? Or is it just that I dislike having to scroll what seems like way… way… way down to get to my birth year?

  2. Forgot to say “Thank you” to the pretty Mir for alerting us to the offer. Sorry. 😛

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