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By Mir
October 17, 2006
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Um, does anyone remember when I started thinking about buying a new bed, and I maintained that king-size linens could be found just as cheaply as their smaller counterparts if only you had a bit of patience and shopping savvy? Does anyone have any idea how many different shopping trips (online and off) I partook in and how many different places I ended up buying one or two things so that I could, eventually, cobble together all the trappings for my brand new king-size bed?

Of course today, I find myself wondering where this was a month ago.



  1. Dang! And it even includes the bedskirt.

  2. Forty dollars is not too expensive to order a back-up. As my daughter always says for an excuse to get two of everything, ‘just in case.’

  3. Tell me you bought it anyway – because that right there is a damn good deal!

  4. Bummer, the queen size set is sold out. I would have totally bought it. It’s really pretty.

  5. you must buy this!!

  6. Now, seeee, some of us tried to warn you! But, you know, I’m not into that “I told you so” stuff or anything.


    Me, I’m afraid to get a king bed. I worry I might get lost in it.

  7. I agree, you can’t pass this up as a back-up (especially with young children who may want to snuggle up to you on the bed when they don’t feel too well . . . who knows what tragedies could befall the current bedding).

  8. Note that it’s a California King, not a regular or Eastern King. It wouldn’t fit my king bed.

  9. They have both regular and California King (and Full, for that matter) in stock at the moment. 🙂

  10. …but the sheets are only 250 thread count! Not nearly soft and luxurious enough for your prettiness! (Does that help at all?)

  11. $39.99 What’s wrong with it? I’m going to buy it anyway and find out.

  12. Thanks! I bought one!

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