It’s a better deal without the coronary

By Mir
October 19, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I love it when y’all send me deal tips. I did not love it quite so much when the lovely Karen sent me an email yesterday with a subject line of “URGENT!!!” I thought maybe someone had died or I had a gigantic wad of food stuck in my teeth.

Once I got over the panic, I discovered that Karen had just wanted to share the news that Sony rechargeable batteries are marked way down at Amazon right now.

So if you need rechargeable batteries, check it out. It’s URGENT!!!


  1. To bad eek technologies (the seller) charges an INSANE amount for shipping. I’ve ordered from them before and just like with this deal, the shipping is as much as the purchase price! It shouldn’t cost $15 to ship a couple sets of batteries…

  2. I completely agree. I add boots (50% off!) to the sale of 2 sets of AA and 2 sets of AAA for a total of $42. Add the $33 shipping and I did not bother paying. It was after I talked to you Mir, so sorry for the heart attack that really wasn’t worth it. Don’t I look like an ass now? Much apology!

  3. Look for the ones offered by Amazon (there are a few) which are eligible for free Super Saver Shipping over $25. I agree; the third-party seller’s shipping costs are insane.

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