The O-Day that never ends

By Mir
October 20, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!, Inc.So, apparently this 12% off and $1 shipping promotion at Overstock has proven really popular (duh) and so they’ve gone ahead and extended it through the weekend. If there’s something there you’ve been meaning to pick up, now would be the time. (If, for example, you’ve somehow managed to be a devoted Want Not reader and yet not have fully stocked up on nice sheets yet, check out their selection of insanely high thread count sheet sets on sale. Just sayin’.)


  1. Before I go and purchase some sheets, which I really would like to do today, I have a question: I remember hearing that some of the sheets on Overstock aren’t as soft and cushy as their high thread count would indicate. Has this been true in your experience? Are there any sets you (or anyone else here) has purchased that didn’t meet expectations? Help!!

  2. Duh. I just noticed the customer reviews on Overstock. I’ll dig through them.

  3. Zuska: Yes, read the reviews. It is possible to have high thread count without softness (how do they manage this??) and also there’s a difference between a “silky” sheet and a thicker, plush-feeling sheet. Read up. 🙂

    My current favorite sheets are 400TC ones I got on a Friday Sale, and are easily softer than comparable 1000TC ones. How? I don’t know. But I read the reviews and lucked out.

  4. I know how — I know how….As I raise my hand like a total fool in my PJs waiting for my coffee.

    Ok, a short essay on why all 400, 600, 800, and 1000 TC sheets are not equal.

    Thread count is a great measure of how tightly woven a product is. However, it doesn’t say word one about the string it was woven with. Since it is more expensive to weave tighter (it actually is that there are few machines that do 1000 TC hence the cost increase), the manufactures know that you aren’t really going to want to pay the $700 buck (I overstate, but you’ll see the point) if they were to use the nicer string/cotton. So they cut costs by using cheaper cotton. It is because of this, that even one set of 400 TC sheets may be like butter and wear beautifully and another will pill after one wash.
    Moral of my story: It isn’t just TC that matters. Look for buzz words like Egpytian Cotton, Pima would be another word to look for. Read reviews if you are buying online. And use my favorite method, if you are looking at 1000TC sheets for $30, it is crap. I’m sorry — it just is.

  5. I think that in addition, they can call something “1000 thread count” IF they use 10-ply thread at 100 thread count.


  6. Thanks, Patricia, and good point, lastewie. I do recall being told to always look for “single-ply” in conjunction with the thread count.

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