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By Mir
October 28, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I love this. So unique, so beautiful to look at (and, according to the reviews and also what I’ve heard, delicious to drink), and yet functional. If you need a gift for someone who has everything—or for a tea lover—look no further. And now only is it already 53% off, it’s part of the Grocery section, so you can use code GROCERY3 to take an additional $10 off of your order when your total is $49+. Pick up a few or just get one and buy some groceries you needed anyway.

(Seriously, if you’ve never seen this before, click through the link and have a look. You get to watch a flower unfurl in your teaport. How cool is that?)

Kit contains glass teapot and 9 different varieties of flowering teas. And hours of entertainment!


  1. Mir, this does look totally cool but right now is out of stock so not only can I not order any but I also don’t know how much they would have costed. Could you let me know what they go for so I can know if I should hold off on Christmas purchases until they are back in stock?


  2. I was also interested in the cost since it’s not available. If you know, please post. I’m interested in this for a Christmas gift. Thanks!

  3. Hmph! It was on sale for around $18, I think. Must’ve sold so well they got rid of them all. 🙁

  4. There are some similar ones from the same company there for $12, but that’s without the nifty teapot. 😛

  5. Amazon, if you click on the Numi products, still has some, but they are not that phenomoenal deal. They are still only $27 and change!! At the Numi website, they are $34 or $37, so it’s still a good savings!

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