Load ’em up

By Mir
November 4, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

This would be an awesome Christmas gift for a lucky little boy.

Or, um, for an even luckier bigger boy. I bet a can of beer would fit in that scoop.


  1. Holy cow!!!

    *Did you ever know that you’re my hero . . .

    You’re every thing I wish I could beeeee . . . .

    I could fly higher than an eagle . . . .

    You are the wind beneath my wings . . . . . *

    (I don’t even like that song)

    Hey thanks, beautiful and wise Mir. My son will be ECSTATIC! ECSTATIC, I tell you. He might even pee his pants, will be be sort of a problem since he’s been potty trained for a long time now, but we’ll overlook it since we’ve told him a big NO on toys this expensive, but I’ll have to explain that there’s this beautiful and wise fairy named Mir and one day on a Sat. morning she was flittering around my computer when I had really bad bedhead and was wearing my fleece bathrobe . . .

  2. Firefox won’t open those linksynergy links…I’ve tried everything. Please don’t let curiousity kill the cat! LOL!

  3. It’s not Firefox, Karen… I sent you an email.

  4. Thank you so much, my nephew will LOVE this for Christmas!

  5. Sa-weeeeet! Perfect for NewGuy’s son…he luuuuuvvvvsssss r/c anything to do with construction, trucking, farming, etc.

  6. I just got the thing in the mail and it is HUGE!!!! I thought it would be a little toy but the box says it is 1/6th scale! AMAZING! Thanks!

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