Two words: Sample Sale

By Mir
November 14, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Well, this one will make Nordstrom look reasonably priced, at least.

It’s Sample Sale time at Kate Spade. Up to 70% off original prices, good through November 17th only.

Word has it that coupon code welcome2katespade will give you free shipping, but I get hives just looking at the prices there, so I won’t be testing it for you.


  1. Holy heck!!! I recently saw some of Kate Spade’s cards & paper products featured in an Oprah magazine article and I could not believe the prices. Do people actually pay that much?

    I have never enjoyed shopping at Nordstrom, and whenever I do walk through a store, I feel like they know I can’t afford anything. Perhaps I just know better than to pay those prices, eh?? 🙂

  2. I can’t get the link to come up

  3. I think I fixed the link, Casey.

  4. Mmmmm, Kate Spade.

    You posted this just for me, didn’t you?

  5. Susan: Yes, yes I did. Did you see the little martini glass keyfob? I totally thought of you.

  6. SMOOCH!!! (And a lick.)

    Yes, I’m sick and an addict — I’m thrilled to try to get a specific bag for under $100!! Now let’s see if I get it.

    I kinda love you!!

  7. *boggle*

  8. While the bags are especially cute, I don’t think all of the purses I’ve owned in my entire life added together cost as much as one of those. I’m cheap like that, I guess.

  9. While I’m totally ok with the fact that owning my SECOND kate spade gives me thrills beyond belief, I know that it may not seem like the bargain hunter’s dream bag.
    Before I beg for my bargain hunter badge by admitting I purchased a bag under $100, I love it, and plan on using it for my most beloved items — my knitting. Need socks?

  10. Before you give up hope, there is a very cute canvas two-picture frame that says “baby” and can stand on it’s own on a desk – $14, and just perfect for a few new moms and grandmas I know for the holidays. Thanks for the link!

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