Flowering tea set is back in stock!

By Mir
November 15, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

And speaking of Amazon, remember this post? The Numi flowering tea set is back in stock.


  1. Thanks, I had finally stopped checking on this product and would have misssed it again! It is the perfect Christmas gift!

  2. Mir,
    Thanks so much… I was kicking myself that I didn’t get in on this last time. It’s the perfect hostess gift, so I got three!
    You’re so pretty and smart.

  3. Auugghhh. I really liked the look of this tea for the principal and assistant principal at school, so I bought just the teas. NOW you tell me I can get the entire set.

    Any hints on where to get a (cheap) clear tea pot?

  4. ha ha! I won’t miss out this time. I just bought two. Thanks Mir, I”m so excited to give this gift, esp. at such a great price!!

  5. Carmen: Have a Christmas Tree Shop or Big Lots near you? How about Ikea?

  6. Thank you, clever Mir! Just bought it for my stepmother for Hanukkah.

  7. thank you thank you — how clever you are to keep track of this wonderful thing. What a perfect gift for my mom and a tea-drinking artist friend. O and I love the Grocery3 promo plus free shipping

  8. Not anymore. : (

  9. Dang, that stuff sells out fast.

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