Even though the R is backwards, the deals are good

By Mir
November 18, 2006

Ramping up your holiday shopping, this weekend? Don’t forget that Toys ‘R’ Us has free shipping on your select toys and games purchase of $49+ for just a few more days. Offers expire November 22nd, 2006.

I’m not a video game person (much to my children’s dismay!) but they seem to have some good deals on cartridges and such as well. I think. I don’t know; everyone should’ve just stayed happy with Atari Space Invaders and the world would be a much less complicated place. (I’m totally having that made into a bumper sticker.)


  1. you do have to spend $49+, though. they wound me all up with the free shipping then I got to the checkout and they dropped that one on me.

  2. Ack I missed that… revising the post now. Thank you, Karen!

  3. Can you make a bumper sticker for me that substitutes “Pong” for “Space Invaders”?? I’d be MOST eternally grateful!! It’s a great idea….

  4. That darn backwards R; makes me nuts. Try explaining THAT to a kid who’s learning how to read!

    But I still shop there. And thanks for the heads-up on the deal with the online store! 🙂

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