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By Mir
November 20, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Take $30 off of your $30+ order at with coupon code 1558655. Does not work in the outlet.

I suspect this one will be pulled rather quickly, so if you want in, go.


  1. “The Promotional Code was not valid.” Poop. Guess they pulled it already. That was a quick one!

  2. Seriously, I just tried it and got the same message. 🙁

    Plus, I just love the $1.95 “temporary fuel surcharge,” completely random for an online order.

  3. I used it and it worked! I got a lovely tablecloth and set of matching napkins for a whopping $8!

  4. It’s not working for me…and I have a great tablecloth and napkins in my cart….

  5. didn’t work for me either…. oh well, easy come easy go. :o)

  6. I called their Customer Service line and apparently you have to have filled out some sort of Home Depot survey in order to use this code. Shucks.

  7. Yeah, codes like this generally aren’t intended for mass public consumption, and once they’re propagated at large they’re quickly pulled. But sometimes you snag a deal before that happens. 😉

  8. I got a rug for shipping before it was pulled 🙂

  9. I tried this one WAY too late, but I did sign up for promotional email in case they send out another offer some time!

  10. shudda read the comments1st. o well.

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