American Girl coupon for the holidays

By Mir
November 28, 2006

I know someone was waiting for this one… Katie? Was it you?

Anyway, American Girl just released a $10 off of $30+ coupon—just use code 151676. I’m not sure when it expires.

You’re still better off getting the movie collection at Amazon, if that’s what you’re wanting, but it’s a great coupon to use towards other things.

And if your daughter is anything like mine, we can just rename December “begging for an American Girl doll month.” (Lord, grant me patience.)


  1. I knew this would happen! I’ll see what they can do with my order (they haven’t shipped yet).

    So far so good with the American Girl dolls here. I’ve decided it’s a fortunate thing that they picked “friends” of the historical dolls (Nellie and Elizabeth) because the friends have a lot less stuff offered. I shushed my husband when he pointed out at their dolls could wear anything.

  2. Noooooooooooooooooo! I spent $220 there YESTERDAY! I knew this would happen, too! GRRR!

  3. Arghh!! I ordered last Friday after scouring the internet for coupon codes, when there were none to be found.

  4. It works on the monthly specials and sale stuff too!

  5. If you’ve already ordered, try contacting their customer service, or cancelling your order. It has worked for me in the past – and in the interest of a full disclaimer, it also hasn’t worked! Worth a try!

    I missed the free shipping deal earlier in the month – this isn’t quite as good as that, but every little bit helps!!

  6. I got my $10 dollars back! They sent me this long *yadda yadda* email about how the code started today (I placed my order yesterday too) and how they couldn’t change my order and so forth but in the end they said they would credit my card $10. (And this should teach me not to be so impatient.)

  7. great, my kids lovely grandmother and great-grandmother already placed orders! feh. They did get the free shipping one, though.

    if you have a family member who really likes to spend a large sum of money, AG is a great way of spending that money on something with good quality and with low clutter-potential.

    The movies at Amazon are a great deal. My kids and their friends all love them, and they also do a lot of imaginative play using the American Girl stuff as a jumping off point, and then want more stories from the time period.

  8. Katie, you’re a smart one. Once I saw that they’d already shipped my order, I didn’t bother inquiring about it. Know what I did instead? STUPIDLY spent another $34 so I could get the $10 discount. Of course that meant paying another $8 in shipping. I am a moron, yes indeedy.

  9. I wish I had known your daughter wanted an American Girl! We just donated one to charity because my two daughters don’t like dolls very much. It was given to us as a gift, they played with it for a few days (enough to make it look a little non-returnable) and then never touched it again.

  10. In case anyone is interested, I just ordered from AG and the code is still valid. It even lowered my shipping b/c the cost of items was less. Woo-hoo!

  11. AG discount codes must be a well-guarded secret, for I too was searching and couldn’t find one until I stumbled on this posting. Thank you so much for this! I just used the code today.

  12. Thanks so much!!!!! Just used the code and saved $10. I had looked at several sites and found nothing.

  13. FANTASTIC! I have also saved $10.00 what a bonus. My nieces are going to be so happy! And with this little bit of savings so am I!!! Thanks for the coupon!

  14. Thank you for the coupon code. I had looked at a few sites and hadn’t found any. I’m always happy to save some money. It was just about equivalent to the shipping. Thanks again. Happy Holidays.

  15. Thanks – Every little helps this time of year especially when paying 100 for a doll!

  16. Thanks so much for the info. I just used the code and got my $10 off! Every little bit helps. How fun to be able to use a coupon!

  17. Wow!!! Ladies, thanks for the $10. I love coupon codes!!!

  18. It worked, thanks!

  19. Thanks!! It’s still working! It’s great to save $$ at american girl! Thanks for posting


  20. All – There are a bunch of sites on the web that have inexpensive but good quality American Girl clothes and accessories. We order from they have a coupon right now too. You can get a free hat and coat if you spend $75. You just have to sign up to become a preferred customer.

  21. I just ordered and it worked. Thanks so much!

  22. Thanks so much…it’s still working…never had any luck finding a coupon for American Girl before! Happy Holidays!

  23. Thanks so much – can you believe someone is selling the code on ebay for $.99!!! Hmmmnnnnn…….Anyway THANK YUO for posting!

  24. This code expired on 2-28-07

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