Gotta be. . . Veggie Tales!

By Mir
November 30, 2006

If you do not know the splendor that is Veggie Tales, you’re missing out on some of the most hilarious children’s entertainment out there. (It is Christian-based, but I promise it’s plenty fun.) My kids have just about outgrown the Veggies and I am sad.

However! Perhaps you have some VegHeads at home who still worship Bob and Larry. If that’s the case, might I suggest the Veggie Tales Nativity Set this holiday season? Just $12.99 with free shipping, and a full day’s allowance of vitamins and minerals. (Well, maybe not that last part. But it really is $12.99 with free shipping.)

We have an earlier version of this nativity set and the kids still play with it more than any other. Perhaps because Jesus is a baby pea in a Radio Flyer wagon. Hard to know.


  1. Very cute and fun! But….where’s Bob? Poor Bob!

  2. *gasp* You’re right! Where IS Bob? In ours, Bob is one of the wise men.

  3. wait….hold on…people can outgrow VeggieTales??? where did you FIND these children…MARS??!?! 😛

  4. AWESOME! I was going to swing by Family Bookstores to pick one of these up, but I like the idea of it being shipped for free MUCH better!

  5. Just got it in the mail – super fast! Very cute! Thanks for the tip!

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