His-n-Hers cruiser bikes

By Mir
November 30, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

While I’m never going to recommend matching tourist-y Hawaiian shirts for you and your beloved, I am kind of digging these Columbia Cruiser bikes on sale at Amazon. Originally $200, marked down to $90 with an additional $10 coming off automatically at checkout, free Super Saver Shipping; that’s a nice deal on a basic, good-looking bike.

If you’re a serious biking enthusiast these are obviously not the bikes for you, but for a little something to tool around the neighborhood? Very slick.


  1. I never understood why men’s bikes have the straight bar between the seat and handlebars and women’s bikes don’t. Can anyone answer that for me?

  2. I heard that it’s because women put their legs over the front part of the seat to be lady-like back when we all wore dresses all the time. And men didn’t have to, so they swung their legs over the back of the seat.

  3. Yes, bikes started with that crossbar and it didn’t work well with, say, hoopskirts. 😀 So they started making the women’s version with the bar lowered/slanted, but they couldn’t just make ALL bikes that way because—ohno!—that’s the GIRL style.

  4. Yay! I’m getting a bike for Xmas…I’m 43 years old – Woohoo!

  5. It seems someone designed them backwards, men/boys need to protect the family jewels, the straight across bar could really ruin things!

  6. two things…

    1) i just noticed that the guys ad mentions how many inches it is….sheesh…PIGS! 😛

    2) i can one up you on the matching hawaiian shirts thing…
    i was walking by a co-workers cube today, and noticed her wedding picture from last summer….where they got married on a pontoon…she in a hawaiian-print dress, and he in the exact matching shirt! she found them on ebay…figures 😛

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