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By Mir
December 7, 2006
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Recently a friend of mine has started singing the praises of fish oil to me. It’s not quite as weird as it sounds. (Actually, it’s exactly as weird as it sounds, but that’s another conversation altogether.) Anyway, I had been waiting to buy some because it’s sort of expensive. (Today’s conundrum: Which is more important, your pocket change or your health? Discuss!)

But I just came across this deal: Take $10 off of your $10+ plus order at Vitamin Shoppe with coupon code 2615. Shipping starts at $4.99, though you can elect free Super Saver Shipping on orders $25 and up.

Soon I too shall know the magic of fish oil. In the meantime, I have “I feel pretty” from West Side Story stuck in my head. I feel fishy, oh so fishy, I feel fishy, and swishy, and hey… I do pity any fish who died for me todaaaaay….


  1. All I want to know is how to keep from having fishy burps. That’s why I almost never take the stuff. Ick.

  2. This makes me think of a childhood friend. Whenever I went home on the bus with her for a playdate, we would walk into the kitchen and her short, squat (sweet) Latvian grandmother who lived with them would hold out a HUGE spoon filled with cod liver oil. Ick. 🙂

  3. Try the coromega whips. My kids all take it – for eczema and help with brain stuff, and they don’t complain at all. It’s an orange or orange/chocolate flavored mousse.

    Sounds nasty, but they tell me it’s not.

  4. Leah–to avoid fishy burps, fish oil capsules are availabe with enteric coating (Costco carries it, not sure about Vitamin Shoppe).

    Vitamin Shoppe provides outstanding products and service. You don’t need to spend $4.99 on shipping for orders less than $25, though, even though it’s what comes up automatically. (Click on Options below the total.) I just had an order of $11.99, and the Super Saving option was available. “All Super Saver orders will be delivered in 3-9 business days for the super low price of $2.99. Any order placed on a weekend will be shipped from NY on Monday, pending credit card verification. Business days are Monday through Friday.” I placed my order this past Sunday, recieved notification that it was sent on Monday, and recieved it in MT yesterday, which was Wednesday. Now THAT’S service!

  5. Flax Seed Oil capsules (or just a spoonful of flax seed oil) have the Omega 3 fatty acids you get in fish oil but without the fishy taste and burps. Also, they’re vegetarian friendly!

  6. The coupon is not working for me…Anyone else?

  7. Coupon appears to have been pulled, Laura. Gotta order fast on these good ones! 🙂

  8. -Another tip on avoiding the dreaded fishy burps is to take them just before going to bed – all the benefits – none of the burps!

  9. Well, it’s hard to find veg-friendly flaxseed oil capsules because they’re mostly all made with gelatin. 🙂

  10. Actually, if you look for a fish oil/flax oil/3rd oil combo capsule, you can hit the trifecta: Omega 3, 6 & 9, which is the best of all worlds. Can’t remember what the 3rd oil is in the ones I’m taking now off the top of my head, but they’re out there. Probably brings back the fishy burps for you again if you go with them, though (I haven’t run into that problem personally, thank goodness).

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