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By Mir
January 9, 2007
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EDIT, 1/11/07: Sometimes these sorts of coupons are released to the general public by accident, and the company pulls them and/or cancels the orders placed using them. An alert Want Not reader has informed me that she placed an order with Quill using the code and was charged full price without her permission, and the company is refusing to cancel her order. That’s lousy customer service (not to mention illegal). I am placing Quill on my list of stores that will not receive my money, ever.

Quill has a coupon out to take $50 off of your $100+ order—just use code VPV. Not sure when this one expires.

Shipping is always free on orders over $45.

Coupons like these are my very favorite way to stock up on toilet paper, kleenex, and paper towels. Just a suggestion. (Edited to add: They also have snacks! And dog biscuits. In the snack section.)


  1. What a great deal. I just got 5 printer cartridges for half their normal price. Thanks for the info.

  2. expired

  3. That coupon just went live this morning; my guess is that it was intended only for specific users, and they pulled it when there was an influx of orders.

  4. I just tried it, rats, didn’t work. Thanks for finding great deals. Maybe next time I’ll be quick enough to use it.

  5. Mir – The same thing has happened to me and I sent them an email. I’ll either be refusing the product or sending a note to the BBB.

  6. Hi, love your site – great info!
    Just wanted to comment on Quill’s refusal to cancel.
    I’ve dealt with them for years at my office, and a few times there have been errors on my order (coupons not working, wrong item) and once when I called to cancel, the rep told me it was “Too late”. I was like “How can you refuse to cancel my order?” She filled me in:
    It’s not that they are refusing to cancel, its that they have only a short window of time in which they can cancel due to new policies that guarantee same day shipping. She told me that when that happens, they always give the option of having people refuse the order when it comes, or they can have it picked up at no charge. So, now I check my order confirmations ASAP, and if there is an error I can usually get it caught. Hope that restores some faith.

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