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By Mir
January 9, 2007

Remember this little deal? Those coupons are good through the end of the month, so if you’ve long since forgotten about it, print a new batch of coupons and get back to picking up some nearly-free toothpaste every time you go to the grocery store or Target.

Speaking of Target, I was there yesterday and they were putting out bathing suits. I know it’s been unseasonably warm in the northeast this year, but that made me twitch a little. I was there picking up a prescription, but the bathing suits reminded me that in retail parlance, it’s season-change time. What do you do when the seasons change? Why, stock up on next year, of course.

We happen to like the Circo cotton pajamas, and they were half off at my local store. I’ve got 2 pairs tucked away for each kid for next year, now, for about $4 apiece. (Yes, I’m too cheap to pay $8/pair. Stop looking at me like that.) You can wait for 75% off, but some sizes will sell out. I typically buy a couple of pairs at 50% off, then buy a few more at 75% if there are any left. Anyway, moral of the story: It’s the right time to shop ahead, if you’re so inclined.


  1. Do you just buy one size up, when you’re buying ahead?

  2. Genevieve: Yes, at this point my kids are growing pretty predictably, and I just buy one size up as needed. Though if the jammies get to 75% off I may buy ahead another size, as well. (And all of this assumes that you know that cotton jammies shrink a lot, so you have to buy a size or two large to begin with.) 😉

  3. May I pitch the winter coat sales here? If you or your loved ones need a coat (or will need one next year) now’s the time to buy. Because this winter has been so warm, there are coats galore available, in all sizes and styles and colors. And because it’s January, and stores are unloading their swimsuits, the coats have to go. For cheap!

  4. I can’t tell you how much I love season-change time. My target even has socks on clearance. and Underwear. Underwear! And snow boots and a coat for next year (I bought the coat 2 sizes too big, so hopefully he’ll be able to wear it next year and the year after, as well. Worked out well for us last year and this year.)

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