Eat salad, go to the gym (for free)

By Mir
January 10, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Ahhh, January. The new year! A fresh start!

The month that stores start putting out their bathing suits. The month that 99% of Americans look in the mirror and say, “You know, it’s possible that I did not need to eat all of those cookies at Christmas.”

Looking to change some habits and start getting into better shape? Wendy’s understands, and wants you to come have one of their entrée salads. Then, take the receipt from your Wendy’s salad to your local Curves and use it to get a free two week trial membership. Curves is also carrying Wendy’s coupons and other goodies, so you could eat a salad, go join Curves, get a coupon towards another salad, eat that one, give that receipt to a friend so she can join up, etc. It could be this whole viral salad-gym thing. Except that viral salad sounds really gross. Nevermind.


  1. I must be blind, because I don’t see anything about a free salad at Wendy’s site…

  2. yea! an excuse to go to wendys!! wait… i have to eat salad. are you sure this isn’t valid if you get a bacon cheeseburger? 🙂

    thanks for a great tip!

  3. Amber: You don’t get a free salad. You get two free weeks at Curves with your salad receipt. And yeah, it doesn’t say anything about it on the website—I received a press release from their marketing folks.

  4. Maybe I should learn to read good. 🙂

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