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By Mir
January 12, 2007
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Here in the U.S., we have Monday off to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. I am humbled by what Dr. King was able to accomplish in his short life, and I am also really grateful to have a long weekend just when this whole “getting back in the groove of regular life” thing is starting to wear me down.

But today… today is Friday. Time for (say it with me) the Amazon Friday Sale! Let’s see what they have today, shall we?

Wow. That is really a lot of blades.

Are you strangely drawn to bags made out of seatbelts? Now’s your chance! (I actually think those are really cute, and the price is excellent. Plus you get to tell everyone who compliments it that it’s made of seatbelts, so it’s like running around with your very own conversation-starter.)

Now would also be a good time to stock up on basic T-shirts. (Read the reviews, though. Sounds like they run small.)

Got babies? Want to go jogging? Here’s a nice deal on a high-end double jogging stroller. (Speaking of babies, these penguins made me squee just a little.)

I don’t golf, but I’m told this is a decent set of starter clubs. (Unfortunately, I’m more likely to be found wielding one of these.)

For when you really, really, REALLY love your pet.

For when you really, really, REALLY love a tea snob.

Have fun, and remember: It’s not a bargain unless you really want or need it, or know someone who really wants/needs it, or you can use it as an awesome practical joke.


  1. I have a “fake” seat belt bag and although it is cool, I hardly ever use it. It happens to be lime green, so my point with this is that if you buy one, make sure you don’t get a color that you will hardly ever use!

  2. i was coming here to say “DUDE! $99 dollars (on sale, no less!) for a bag made of seat belts? are they KIDDING??”, and then Tori goes and calls hers a “fake” seat belt bag, which made me giggle quite a lot. dude. it’s a seat belt. how couture can it possibly BE? (it is kinda cute though, i will admit. but it’s like, $15 cute. not retail $195 cute)

  3. I am one of those unfortunate who is NOT off on Monday. I have to still get up and oh-butt-early and get dressed up and come to work, meanwhile all the banks and half the other offices are closed.

    A bag made from seatbelts? woo!

  4. I just read Laura’s comment about the seat belt bags, and it made ME giggle. Yeah, my fake bag was around $10. Cute, but not pricey…just like me or something. At one time, the “real” seat belt bags had a really cool orange one that I desperately wanted. It was over $300 though, and I don’t spend that much on anything, especially not a seatbelt bag in orange! I still think they are cute though, and if you want a real one, this is a good deal.

  5. I am at the point in my life that I would never buy a purse (even if made of seatbelts) that runs $100.00
    I actually find good purses at thrift stores – and am now hooked on good ol’ cloth bags – that work for groceries, library books, schtuff to lug around in general – and yes – a tacky purse.

  6. pretty, pretty, Mir.

    couldn’t find your email address for some reason — so here is my TIP — at old navy (stores only, not online), all clearance is an extra 50% off. wow. things were already getting wild and wooley when i was there (a few minutes ago). i have heard that it runs through saturday. there are MANY deals to be had.

  7. Personally, I like the bags made from old billboard vinyl. No link, sorry.
    And I have to work Monday, too.

  8. Who has Monday off? Not me. In fact, I have to work 4 extra hours. That’s right. A twelve hour shift. The anticipation is killing me!

  9. Wow! Great! Look how much Amazon is exticed to save you on the double stroller – a mind-blowing 4 cents! Woo hoo! 😉

  10. Elizabeth: Try checking the Friday sale on Friday. I cannot be responsible for the lousy savings on Saturday. 😉

  11. *slaps forehead* I am such a retard! 😉

  12. Elizabeth and Mir, I really did LOL at that little exchange… But only because I’ve been on both ends of that type of discussion! LOL!!

  13. Where do you find the “fake” bags. I really want one but not for $100 +. And try e-bay for the hard to find colors. They’re not cheap persay. but you can get them for about half the price.

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