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By Mir
January 15, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember how many of you were crushed to miss out on this popcorn deal? Hurry hurry and you may catch it this time around.

Go to Dale and Thomas Popcorn and you can take $20 off of your order with coupon code COMCAST2X. (Don’t ask me when it expires; I don’t know, and I suspect they’ll pull it pretty quickly, anyway.)

The six-pack sampler is $28, so with the code you can get it for $14.95 shipped.

I did the last deal and gave the bags away with holiday teacher gifts, but it broke my heart a little. Their popcorn is insanely good. Oh well… my hips thanked me.


  1. Ooohh. I missed the boat last time and did not make the same mistake twice. I just placed my order and will now try to find someplace to order some willpower so that I will decide to give this popcorn away rather than eat it. I’d hate to undo all the exercising I’ve been doing and this popcorn is enough to undo it, methinks. Thanks, O Stunning One!

  2. I bought a LOT of that popcorn with the free deals & all. My family enjoyed it, and I think it’s o.k., but to me it’s just like eating candy. Too sweet. But it’s good.

  3. Darn you, woman! But thanks! I missed the special deal last time around as well, so it’s nice to get a box of the stuff at a lower price! I do wish they’d let us purchase some different combinations of popcorn and other yummies, though. Seriously – I’d probably buy a whole lot more if I could make up my own combinations, ones that include some of those chocolate covered pretzels and other tastey treats! (As if I need that. Heh.)

    Anyway, thanks for keeping your ear to the ground!

  4. I bought some awhile back (another deal) and I thought it was just okay–not even worth the deal price, IMHO. To each her own, LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I agree with KimberlyOR. When I got the two-pack for just S&H charges (still not cheap, IMHO) the white chocolate peanut butter drizzle was pretty good but I found a ton of unpopped kernels in the regular chocolate drizzle. Not a good thing for expensive gourmet popcorn.

  6. Leandra: I find that very surprising. Did you contact them? My guess is that they would’ve sent you another bag. Their customer service is outstanding.

  7. oh, I couldn’t agree moe. their customer service SUCKS and their popcorn is junk food quality. they just spend a lot of money to make us believe that it’s “gourmet”…wahtever that means.

    check out some the comments posted by other shoppers:

    Here’s a little secret that D & T won’t tell you:

    I was just at one of their stores in NYC last month. I asked the store employees how they make their popcorn. Get this: ALL of their popcorn flavors are made with artificial flavorings and pre-mixed CHEMICAL powder out of a BOX. I wrote down one of the names on the box: their caramel mix is made out of a chemical called “Nu-Spice, Caramel mix, NU100L”. The ingredient list included preservatives, artificial flavorings, etc. Their cheese “paste” is all made out of transfat (i.e,, crisco) and have been chemically process in the factory!!!!!! One of the first ingredient list in their BBQ powder mix is MSG!

    They put on a “show” (e.g., pop popcorn and drizzle chocolate in front of your) to make you believe that it’s natural. Their popcorn may be made the same day but they are NOT gourmet by anyone’s standard!

    Also, D & T are liars…their popcorn is NOT natural (contrary to what their advertising say…obviously, they spend a lot of $$ on marketing but NOT on their products).

    Don’t eat their popcorn, unless you like ghetto style, junk food at $5 a bag (which cost them 25 cents to make).

  8. I’m not really into gourmet popcorn, but I just came across this at upromise:

    Dale & Thomas Popcorn รขห†โ€™ 9% in college savings
    Now through 2/17/07, get Free Standard Shipping on gourmet popcorn gifts with orders over $60. Enter AFFJANFS at checkout.

    Not sure if the codes are stackable, but if so, you can get some college savings by shopping D&T through

  9. Wow. I’ve ordered from them three times and have been delighted every time. While I think the bad reviews/experiences are certainly worth reading, keep in mind that satisfied customers are much less likely to run out and tell everyone.

  10. I had a wonderful customer service experience with them. I ordered two of their six packs, told them to deliver one to me and one to someone else but they sent both of them to me. I called customer service and they sent another six pack to the other address for no charge and were very nice about it.

  11. hehehe, I’m using this code right now (always late), and it seems to be working just fine. yay!

    and as far as the taste goes, I liked the bags I got for “free” when D&T did their popcorn month thinger. not the most gourmet seeming thing on earth, true. I probly wouldn’t pay their regular prices for them, but the stuff is good enough for the discounted price, definitely.

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