A lot of paper for a lot of savings

By Mir
January 18, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

This one is only going to work if you have plenty of storage, but hear me out.

Hop on over to Amazon and check out this case of 10 reams of HP white multipurpose paper for just $6.34. It’s probably a price mistake, but who knows? Maybe not.

I added one to my cart. Shipping was about $10, and at first I thought, forget it—I’m not paying more for shipping than for the product. But then I thought about it, and that’s still 10 reams of paper for just over $16, which isn’t bad at all.

Then I thought about it some more and added a second case to my cart. Shipping only went up to $13. Now I’m getting 20 reams of paper for just over $25. Adding a third case brings the total to around $35 for 30 reams of paper.

Really want to milk the deal? Note on the product page that there are dollars-off coupons available from the merchant once your total (before shipping) hits $50. I can’t really see embracing the deal quite that fully, but there you go.

Go in on this with a few friends—say, a case or two for each of you—and you have an awesome deal on a product you always need.


  1. offer not any good now.

  2. That’s crazy! I tried and it’s not available to me now either. Enjoy your reams of paper!

  3. Geez, that was fast. 🙁 Sorry!

  4. I hate to be a downer, but I’m really suspicious of this deal after looking at it better. Mir, don’t be surprised if you get 3 reams, not three boxes. The weight they show for the item is just 5 lbs, which is about the weight of a single ream. In addition, there are numerous instances in just the last couple of months of this seller’s feedback of people thinking they were ordering multipacks and receiving individual items. For instance, a guy said the page read “25/box” but he still received one. The seller’s feedback is overwhelmingly positive, but there is cause to be concerned that they don’t work too hard to make sure their product info is accurate.

  5. I sure hope you get what you expect! I noted what Kate did and also that while it said 10, it also said quantity 500 (probably as in 500 sheets). It may be deceptive advertising. Keep us updated!

    I’m still good after that Office Depot paper deal you posted a few weeks ago. Thanks again!

  6. Aren’t you moving soon? Did you factor the moving company’s charges into your shipping costs? 🙂

  7. ya done wiped ’em out!!

  8. Worked for me!!!

  9. Yes, Please let us know what you receive because generally that paper sells for 5 to 6.00 a ream. I didn’t like the shipping weight either. A case of paper weighs 50 pounds or so. But the list price is for a case of the paper so hopefully they just have all the information mixed up.

  10. I really think you should have them shipped to Ottos, there are going be to some interesting words exchanged when you are carrying reams of paper to moving truck!

  11. Well I spoke too soon. My order went through and then I got an email when I got home that said my order had been cancelled. Oh well!!

  12. I ordered the paperon Friday. Got a confirmation email and everything. This morning I got an email saying my order was cancelled. No reason given. Guess they got the info wrong. 🙁

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