Still eating my words

By Mir
January 22, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember when I was all, “Oh, don’t buy a king-size bed unless you want to spend a fortune on sheets! Hahaha!”

Yeah, me neither. Ahem.

I still love my (still sort-of new) king bed, and I especially love deals like this one where you can get 1000 thread count king sheet sets for just $39.99. Although my beloved has informed me that I am not allowed to buy any more sheets. Hmph.


  1. How exactly can he be your beloved if he doesn’t get the need for LOTS of bedlinens? (speaking of which, did he sew you the duvet?)

    For the record, my beloved says the same thing, but I’ve kinda got my eye on a few things I saw at Target recently (I love the Woolrich bedding) and he may just have to deal with it — however, I have papers on him now, so he’s not going to be runnign off declaring lines in the sheets anytime soon.

  2. That is an incredible amount of money off ($360.01). Is that for real? Are 1,000 count sheets really that much?

  3. This purchase also qualifies for the $25 off of $125 they have going on with coupon code CLEAROUT, which of course meant I HAD to buy more. Thanks for the deal!!

  4. My dad says you have to irom the sheets when they have a thread-count that high. Personally, I don’t care about wrinkly sheets, but I guess they come out all wrinkled up like tissue paper or something. Guess that could be bad for the top sheet. I LOVE high thread-count sheets. My dad got my husband and I hooked on them! The higher, the better!

  5. CPA Mom: Amazon’s original prices are sometimes inflated, but yes, single-ply 1000 TC sheets can sell for $400. My guess is that these were closer to $200, but still, a great deal.

    MMM: I never iron sheets. I try to get them out of the dryer and folded pretty promptly, which cuts down on the majority of the wrinkles. The rest are flattened out by a nice tight bed-making and a comforter over the top. They’re not freshly-ironed-flat, but they work for me. 😉

  6. Darn it. Sold out already! Wah! Was a great deal though!

  7. Ash: Still available in Stone in king size, though it looks like everything else is indeed sold out.

  8. If only you’d said – “Oh, don’t buy a waterbed unless you want to spend a fortune on sheets!” – you wouldn’t have to be eating your words. The best deal I’ve found is $97.99 at for 350 count 100% pima cotton. And that’s queen size. What I would give for 1,000 count! Heaven!

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