It’s better at Bean. . . especially when it ships free

By Mir
January 24, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t know how long this one is running, but this is the first promotion I’ve seen from them since before Christmas.

Right now you can get free shipping at L.L. Bean on any order through this link. There’s plenty on sale, including several of their invincible backpacks which are worth every single penny at full price, and are now at least half off (some are even less than that). I sing the praises of those backpacks to anyone who will listen.

It’s possible that I’ve been living in New England for too long, yes. But those backpacks wear like steel, I swear.


  1. Mine’s not working. I get all the way to the end and still the shipping. Is there a code?

  2. I couldn’t get the free shipping to work either, but it didn’t really matter because I got a $49 backpack for $22 and some change, shipped. Yay!

  3. Hmmmm… not sure why it’s not working; I used it earlier. There’s no code for this one, no. Will look around and see if I can fix it.

  4. I can’t get the free shipping to work either. Still not bad at $3.95 though.

  5. Their live help is telling me I do need a code, from the back of the catalog. Unfortunately, I don’t have a catalog or a code.

  6. I e-mailed Customer Service and they promptly wrote back and said they’d remove the shipping charge.

    Thanks, Mir!

  7. I used “Live Help” to ask that the shipping charge be waived. It worked!

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