Time to stock up on Pampers

By Mir
February 1, 2007

A new month brings with it a new way to spend all of your money at Amazon on those darn kids. Whose idea were they, anyway? Well, no matter… you’re stuck with them now.

For the entire month of February, take $25 off your qualifying $99+ purchase of Pampers, Luvs and Kandoo at Amazon with coupon code PAMPERS2. Stock up on a size or two, enjoy the free shipping to your door, and avoid one of those horrible moments where you’ve just removed a saturated diaper and realize there are no more. That can ruin your whole day (or at least a couple pairs of pants).


  1. Hi pretty gorgeous Mir! I looked at this, and even if buying 3 huge boxes of Pampers baby dry for my son with the discount, it’s still $.25 a diaper… and the Target sale price right now has it at $.20 a diaper. Just sayin’.

  2. Hi Ash: Thanks for the heads up! My kids are out of diapers, so I\’m not always completely on top of these things. Anyway, the price may fluctuate during the month, or maybe you don\’t live close to a Target, or maybe you\’re lazy and want them delivered to your door. I don\’t know. Just putting it out there for folks who may find it useful. 🙂

  3. This is a good deal though if you also buy the Kandoo products in addition to diapers which get very expensive (although I just bought them at CVS Jan. 31. um, yeah). Plus, I’m one of those who doesn’t live close to Target so anything that can be delivered to my door I’m all over.

  4. Duh me, I forgot about the wipes as well, in that case, and having them delivered to your door, good price! Can I still claim mommy brain? That lasts 18 years right?

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