Who’s a stylish kitty?

By Mir
February 1, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot! | Pets

Is your pet stylish? If you’re like me, you’re answering this question with a resounding, “Is my who what, now?” But maybe you are cooler than me. And more importantly, possibly your pet is cooler than me.

Either way, the PetStyle community wants you to join them, so much so that they’re offering a free tote bag to registered members. I’m not really sure what they do there (discuss the latest trends in doggie manicures?), but the bag looks pretty useful.

Be sure to read the fine print—it says bags won’t start shipping until June, so don’t sign up and then send me nasty email in a couple of months telling me the offer was a dud. (Actually, please don’t send me nasty email for any reason. It hurts my delicate, unstylish feelings.)


  1. They are all gone. Must have been very limited or all your faithful followers got there quick!

  2. They’re gone. You are SO dead. I just can’t beileve you sometimes, Mir. I mean, really.

    Kidding. But how could I resist?

  3. yeah mir, what she said =)
    seriously, what are the stats of your hits??? ’cause like you get a few comments here and there, but how many are tuning in each hour?!?! soooo many times stuff goes so fast after you post!! you must be a nationwide phenomenon

  4. Good question, Shannon! I’d love to see a hit counter on here somewhere. The science-y, data-collecting, geeky side of me would be thrilled. *hangs head for admitting that she has a geeky side*

  5. Bwahahahaha, you ladies are going to make me a legend in my own mind. 😉

    Keep in mind that I comb the web for deals, and many (most) of the things I post here are found elsewhere. While I would love to take credit for things like bringing sites to their knees with traffic or taking up the quota of freebies or whatever, I can’t.

    There’s a billion deal sites out there. Want Not is (hopefully) where you choose to get your info because we have a bit more fun here, is all. 😉

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