What’s better than chocolate?

By Mir
February 5, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Chocolate that’s free, of course.

Target is offering a printable coupon for a free Choxie bar. [Edited: The live link appears not to be working any more. Here’s a page them for you.] Expires March 3rd, 2007, which means you can get 27 free candy bars (one a day!) between now and then.

I’m kidding. You shouldn’t go use one every day. That would be wrong.

Now, once a week, that’d be another story….


  1. We have a cold stone creamery and a target all in the same shopping center, so I will be printing these coupons out and going shopping! Thanks!

  2. Oh. My. Gawd. We LOVE Choxie here in this house!!!

    Thank you thank you thank you, pretty Mir!!!

  3. but it IS quite feasible for me to do such a thing. I live directly across from Target. I see the beautiful red bull’s eye every night, shining into my kitchen window. I daydream at the sink as I wash the dishes…that I could get free choxie candy bars every day. And so…I must print, print, print coupons. I must walk, walk, walk over there every day and get me some freebies!!!

  4. I’m not able to pull the coupon up anymore?! I only printed one. Shoot! I wish I printed more or hope I can pull it up again later! I am dieting now, but was looking forward to binging on Choxie bars in a few months.

  5. Ohhh…pretty! (Just like you, Mir!) I have been wanting to try Choxie and now….I have the pefect excuse to do so.

  6. Aren’t most Choxie bars $2.50? The coupon says “Maximum retail value $2 for free item.” I tried searching Target’s site, but either my search-fu fails me or Target doesn’t like their food items online.

    Any thoughts?

  7. I don’t know, Scott… I’ve never bought a Choxie before! I’ll try to check it out this week and report back. (My hunch: the coupon is good for an entire month, and they probably go on sale sometimes, even if the regular price is $2.50, so at some point they’ll be free.)

  8. Choxie *is* pretty yummy. I’ve enjoyed the spicy Hot Chocolate one. So any research on your part won’t be a hardship, I’m sure!

  9. Oh, I so love choxie and I SOO love a freebie! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
    I found your site on the Mom blogs.

  10. I can’t find this coupon on the Target website. Are you sure it’s been released to the public yet? I’ve heard about a particular generator that is posting coupons not yet released.

  11. My Target sells them for $2.00

  12. I used six of them in one purchase yesterday. I would have grabbed eight, since I printed the full page, but I was doubtful that they would let me use ’em all. Might as well try all 8, right?!

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