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By Mir
February 9, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’ll give you a topic: Anna Nicole Smith—did that really need to be headline news?

Oh, wait. That’s not a very interesting topic. Let me try again.

The Amazon Friday Sale—good deals this week, or more of the same?



  1. You made me laugh before caffeine! No small feat, that.

  2. Yes. I got to that one and just couldn’t get past it. With a remote, no less!

  3. Yawn. Guess they don’t want anybody to get a bargain for Valentine’s Day. Oh well, I still have my robo-laser level from a few weeks ago — my honey will love that. And, given the first mention you made, I wonder why they didn’t feature this:
    Ick. Wait, wait, I may have to eat my words: I may have to buy this, just because it’s BLUE:

  4. Ohhhhh 800 thread count sateen sheets for $55! Wait… is that good, is it? All the shiny-ness has blinded me.

  5. seems like more of the same…though, if I could convince my hubby to let me get the Kitchenaid…I surely would get that!

  6. I liked the fact that they had a vibrator listed right next to the case of Enfamil. One stop shopping for the modern woman, that’s what Amazon is all about.

    They had a good deal on maple syrup, though. Too bad it was grade A, I like B.

  7. oh, and ROTFL on the vibrating remote controlled underwear….NOT something I need…but I suppose someone out there wants them.

  8. Looks like the topic is vibrating panties. Where are the customer reviews on this thing? I want to hear from the people who have ordered it and used it. Um, maybe they are too busy to get to the computer.

  9. And vibrating panties next to the kiddie humidifier!

  10. Went shopping for a new iron (our old one died after 20 years of faithful service).

    Normally I don’t like to apply for new credit cards, but!

    * I got an $80.00 iron marked down to $30.00.
    * Applied for an Amazon VISA w/ an instant 30 dollar credit.
    * Free shipping (of course).

    An 80.00 iron for free! Made my Friday.

  11. “Designed in beautiful stretch lace, tit is comfortable and sexy.”

    Perhaps whoever was typing the product description of the vibrating panties was a little um….pre-occupied??? ROFL

  12. Geez, I leave you people alone for the morning and LOOK WHAT YOU DO. Amazing.

    I knew there was a reason I like you all. 😉

  13. We need your guidance, Mir. If we ran the blog, Caya from the beer belly post would be aghast.

  14. You crack me up.

  15. The beer belly was featured on Jay Leno’s whacky items listed on Ebay bit the other night. Beer belly: Sold, or Not Sold? Not Sold! Jessica Simpson’s gum, however, went for a small fortune.

  16. AND–to tie in the Anna Nicole Smith angle, TrimSpa tablets are available in the Friday sale at a 45% discount.


  17. Ok – I double checked the calendar and today is, indeed, still Friday. So what’s up with the stingy savings on this Friday Sale item?

    “Q-Series Double 16″/Red
    Baby Product
    List Price: $399.99
    Our Price: $399.95
    You Save: $0.04
    In stock. Processing takes an additional 4 to 5 days.

  18. Is she back yet? *giggling* Let’s talk about vibrating panties some more. tee hee hee hee

  19. Hey, everybody! Click on the Lillian Vernon icon on the left (mine is showing beer bottle candles) and click on big sale. There are a lot of cute things there for under $5. I gotta do something while I’m sitting here waiting for updates.

  20. HAHA, the panties are sold out! Got to jump on those hot items!!!

  21. haha. you said ‘jump on them.’

  22. I bought the KA Mixer. Had a gc from Christmas. Paid $199 and will be getting the $20 rebate and free sub to Food and Wine. WOO HOO!!

  23. Come for the bargains, stay for the laughs. After a rough day at school, now I feel relaxed. All I need is a pair of vibrating — just kidding, Caya.

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