And speaking of fireplaces. . .

By Mir
February 14, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hello! It’s just past 9:00 a.m. and I am already considering eating my children. Is that wrong?

Here in New England we’re experiencing our first (!!) nor’easter of this incredibly screwed up winter season. And on account of Valentine’s Day I thought I’d make the kids some cocoa with breakfast. They are very happy, but very bouncy. Very bouncy. Should we lose power later, it’s going to be mayhem around here.

I hope you’re all warm and dry, but should you be considering a fire (hopefully in a fireplace, people) later on, perhaps you’ll be interested in the Improvements Deal of the Day, which is a nice-looking fireplace tool set marked down to $12.99 from $49.99.

It won’t help you today, while you’re spit-roasting your kids, of course. But it’s never too late to plan ahead.


  1. I may roast my children over the open fire like the proverbial chestnuts. Got any deals to help me with that?Today is the second snow day because of the blizzard and it doesn’t help that it’s Valentine’s Day. I’m hearing the whining about missed parties already. I keep reminding them that they’ll have them when they get back and in the meantime, there’s SNOW!! Lots of SNOW!! To play in!! RIGHT NOW!!!

  2. Where are you, Mir? We have our first snow day today too. Of course, it’s hailing so we can’t go out and play in it. (Aw, shucks. Too bad.)

  3. I woke up Monday wanting to toss the kids out with the trash…got any deals for THAT? They’re okay, just sick, making me miserable and not letting me sleep beyond 6:30 a.m. lately. Seeing as the neighbor who shares my duplex wall sees fit to play rap music at midnight, I don’t get much sleep. My kids would have been LONG GONE if I could roast them on an open fire, lol!

    We got (on Monday night into yesterday a.m.) what you’re getting…now we’re in frozen sub-zero tundra.

  4. We didn’t get school cancelled today, but I have one at home sick with a high fever. I guess a fire in the fireplace wouldn’t be a good idea — but gosh, those are pretty tools.

  5. The tools are so pretty that they’ve been bought out.

  6. Heidi: Looks like the screen is sold out, but the tools are still available!

  7. Once upon a time a snow day meant only good things…. now it means I’m trapped in my apartment and daytime TV has been bumped for a speech from the president.

  8. Ah, you’re right, Mir – the tools ARE still available. Alas, they don’t include “grabber/tongs”, which is a necessary tool in this part of the woods.

  9. “Pretty tools” . . . hee hee

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