It’s been a while since we had an Overstock coupon

By Mir
February 19, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, seems like I completely fell out of that whole Overstock weekly coupon habit. That’s partially because a couple of the coupons were sort of lame (oh! free shipping! when shipping is normally $2.99! WOW!), and partially because I’m just not as organized as I should be.

So, been waiting for a coupon to make that Overstock purchase? Through the end of February, you can take $20 off your $199+ purchase. Not too shabby if you’re placing a larger order.

I’ve actually been looking for a bed there, but then I think: What exactly am I going to do with a king-sized bed when it arrives at my door in a box? But maybe your big strong man isn’t currently over a thousand miles away. Or maybe you just really want a couple hundred dollars’ worth of vitamin supplements, or something.


  1. didn’t you just buy a bed?

  2. The larger question is: He left you alone? And with the kids? What WAS he thinking?

    heh heh

    And suddenly you have beds on the mind again…


    Where’s that shrink when we need her?

  3. dcfullest: I bought a new mattress and boxspring, with a free (cheapie) frame. At some point I’ll buy an actual bed to put it all on. 😉

    Nancy: I know, how RUDE of him to be tending to his JOB when I’m here all alone. In bed. Um. What were we talking about?

  4. I got my bed at Overstock! It came in three boxes, but it wasn’t too difficult to put together–no worse than IKEA stuff. You sure can’t beat the shipping!

  5. I’ve been learning the hard way that Overstock coupons come with fine print. They no longer offer discounts on media items (Books, Music, Movies & Games) – bummer! Their % off coupons also come with limits. I had an awesome 12% off coupon, only to discover that the maximum discount was $125. I thought I was going to get a huge discount on a 72-inch Projection TV. It was still a great deal (compared to other stores), but the discount wasn’t as large as I originally expected.

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