It both sucks and blows

By Mir
February 26, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m talking about this Toro leafblower, of course. Why? What were you thinking about? (Oooops! There I go again!)

It can be used as a blower or a vacuum, and at its current price ($37.79) plus the available 10% discount coupon code (YARDSALE) and the free Super Saver Shipping, you’re looking at getting it for about half price and zero hassle.

Spring yard clean-up is coming, you know. Speaking of which, if you all really loved me, you’d be offering to come over here and help with the yard. And bringing your leaf blower-sucker thing. But I see how it is. Fine, then. You just clean up your own yard, while I slave away, here, bringing you all the great deals. No, that’s fine.*

*Really, it’s fine. If you volunteer to do my landscaping you’re just going to scare me. Just go enjoy your leaf thingie, weirdo.


  1. I can just imagine the heavy breathing, and the blowing and sucking sounds (from the leaf-blower!) emanating from under the hedges . .

  2. the link doesn’t seem to be working for me

  3. Mir – we’ve been linked back to your site!

  4. You crack me up! Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Bah! Okay, fixed. Sorry. Need more sleep. Or more caffeine.

  6. I have one of these, it neither blows or sucks with any real voracity. It left me unsatisfied.

    Still had to rake, sweep, and scoop all those damn leaves. When it “vacuums” it actually mulches it into the bag. The bag is over your arm which is only inches from your face. I was covered in a 2-inch thick layer of tree pollen, dirt, and leaf dust-like material that were small enough particles to be blown through the bag. It was horrid.

  7. I am one of the last holdouts. I still rake my leaves. It’s very satisfying to come home after a day of teaching and let off some steam by raking leaves into the compost or the garden.

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