Mmmmm. . . snacks!

By Mir
March 1, 2007

(Sorry for the lack of posts today… I’m out of town and sort of trying to do things other than sit at the computer and find good deals. Craziness!)

Amazon is running a great deal through the month of March: Spend $39+ on selected Terra Chip, Garden of Eatin’ and Little Bear snacks and save $15 instantly with coupon code SNACK233. Most of them are already on sale, so the net result is about a 50% off what you’ll pay at the grocery store.

If you haven’t had Terra Chips, you’re missing out. They are so good, and normally so expensive that I hardly ever buy them. But at these prices… well, I guess we can eat up a case or two before we move!


  1. “well, I guess we can eat up a case or two before we move!”

    And then have the box they came in to pack with! 😉

  2. Oh, thank you pretty Mir! I have been hunting, unsuccessfully, for the terra stix for some time. Now, I will have a case to hoard. We love putting them on salads.

  3. Are the chips smushed into crumbs after being shipped across the US? I enjoy a chip in small pieces as much as anyone else, but a fine, salty powder I can do without…

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