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By Mir
March 5, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s no secret that I love to watch the Food Network. Sometimes I get good recipe ideas. Most of the time I just drool all over myself while I watch. And then there are the times where I want to make something I see, but I can’t.

For example: Alton Brown (whom I love) often uses some gadget or another which I don’t own. That’s fine, because far be it from me to shy away from the chance to buy a new kitchen gadget, but sometimes those gadgets are pricey. I’ve now seen him use a pressure cooker multiple times and each time I think to myself, “Self, I should get one of those. But I bet they’re expensive.”

Well, often they are. But here’s a great deal on a pressure cooker. Now I have to decide if I will truly use it enough to justify the purchase. Decisions, decisions.


  1. pretty mir, even if you only use this once per year it is a great deal!

  2. Well, if Alton is to be believed, he doesn’t suffer unitaskers gladly, so I’m sure you can find some other use for this besides just the family dinner. Like….steamcleaning the family pet or something.

    (No, I don’t advocate actually doing that.)

  3. I dunno — the price has gone back up since the post, so $32 was a great price, but not $50. I have a really high-end one I got as a (second marriage) wedding gift, and at first I used it all the time. But it’s a pain to clean — you really have to make sure the rubber seal is impeccable, etc., etc. So, I haven’t used it in so long I’m not even sure where it is. Hiding in the dark corner of a cabinet somewhere. Some people love ’em,, tho.

  4. Bah. Yes, I should always include the price in my post, because Amazon will more than likely raise it right after I post.

  5. I got mine as a gift and have only used it once, but I like to hold on to all my kitchen gadgets, because you never know when you might need them!

  6. Mir,
    I am an Indian (from Asia) girl who’s grown up around the pressure cooker. It is an integral part of every indian kitchen- and is used to cook everything from cooking beans, to boiling potatoes, to making the famous curries. It definitely reduces the cooking time and is an absolute must have. I would go as far as to say that it does the same thing as a slow cooker, only about 5 – 7 times quicker.
    I highly recommend it and if you have any questions about it (I am assuing you gave in to your temptation) feel free to contact me.

  7. You should get one! I bought mine because of Alton Brown’s chili recipe (which is very good but very spicy, I’m cutting out the adobo or whatever sauce next time).

  8. Hi there,

    It’s now $39.99…..decided to buy it. Thanks!

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