Say goodbye to dead flashlights

By Mir
March 12, 2007

When the wind-up flashlights first started coming out, I remember thinking that they were a great idea, but too expensive. The prices have come down since then, and it’s a great item to have for emergency preparedness or in your car. (I keep one in my glove compartment.) True, they’re not as bright as conventional flashlights… but they also don’t eat batteries.

Anyway, if you want one, here’s the best deal I’ve seen: This wind-up LED flashlight is currently $8.99, but code windup will bring the price down to $5.99. Shipping is just $2.85.

(Just for reference, LL Bean sells a suspiciously similar one for $19.95.)

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  1. We have several of this exact flashlight that we picked up at Christmas on sale. Great for the kids when they are scared of the dark. They can wind them up quickly and if they leave them on, no dead batteries. Just a little more elbow grease required. I think I will pick up a couple more for our cars now.

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