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By Mir
April 12, 2007
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Did you buy an Entertainment Book this year? There’s still time, you know. And for the month of April, they’re half off. Even if you don’t find them useful, it would make a great gift for a teacher… and the end of the school year is coming up…. (Disclaimer: You have to live in a fairly populated area for this to work. And have a teacher who won’t be offended by a book of coupons. Your experience may vary and you are not allowed to come back and yell at me if you buy one as a gift and it’s not greeted with enthusiasm. Some people have no manners, and I’ve yet to find a website where you can buy those.)

Save on all the things you love to do!


  1. I’m not yelling at you–you’re much too pretty for me to treat you that way. All the schools around here sell these books, and all the teachers I know already have these books. If you’re going to spend $10 or so, why not get the teacher a gift card to a local store or restaurant?

  2. Excellent point, Marsha. Hence the “your experience may vary” caveat. (Although there’s a book for my area, they generally aren’t sold through my public schools, so it would be a good choice for me, though it sounds like a not-so-good one for you. 🙂

  3. YOU ROCK!

    I have been kicking myself for not getting one of these this year and now I have one! Cheap!!

    Thank you 🙂

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