Mmmm. . . charred flesh. . .

By Mir
April 23, 2007

I’m an unapologetic carnivore. Oh, sure; I love fruit and veggies (and grains and everything else) as well, but I could never become a vegetarian, and the reason why is summed up in one word: Bacon.

*insert Homer Simpson-like drooling noises here*

Anyway, I’ve heard a million good things about Omaha Steaks, but they’ve finally got a sale going on that’s just my speed. Here it is: Get their delicious filets for just $5 each now through May 7th, 2007. They have filet mignon. They have bacon-wrapped filets. They have top sirloin. They—

I think I need a moment. And perhaps a bib.


  1. Good Lord, that still makes the Filet Mignon come in at a whopping $20/lb. Do people really pay the $50.99 regular price? I bet it is the best steak I have ever had; however, I would have to make that single pount of filets last several meals to justify the prices!

  2. Are these really any good? Mail order steaks just seem like such a bad idea.

  3. I have family who give us the “gift of meat” every year for Christmas and yes — they are outstanding and well worth the money!!

    I love that huge cooler with the dry ice and the all that meat! Oh and I can say that their stuffed chicken breasts are outstanding…

    I’m with you Mir, and may need a bib too.

  4. Yes! These are FABULOUS! I received the four filet meal set as a thank you gift for dog sitting. They were wonderful. My favorite part was the advertising that says you can cut it with a fork, I just had to try it out. WORKS! I highly recommend these to anyone. And they make a GREAT gift.

  5. We buy a lot of our meat through Omaha Steaks. The fish is outstanding too – we love the Sole Almondine and the Stuffed Sole best. The Lemon Pepper Tilapia was our least favorite. We also buy our burgers and sausage there. It is pricey, but they are always having sales…which makes it pretty reasonable!

  6. Do you know if this is a “special promotion”? I’ve got a code for a free 6 burgers/chicken breasts/franks that can only be used on regular orders, and I really want to try it…

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