Free (and hopefully not tainted) pet food

By Mir
May 8, 2007
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Oh, I know. I shouldn’t joke. With all the recent pet food recalls, it’s a little scary to feed the family mascot without worrying.

But assuming that you haven’t resorted to feeding fluffy nothing but organic filet mignon, you still need to buy some pet food. I don’t know if this comes without worry, but it is free, which always makes me feel better.

So go get some free Iams pet food and enjoy. I mean, enjoy feeding it to your pet. Don’t you eat it. Because, ewwwww. (Thanks for the tip, Heather!)


  1. Nah, the original address was directly on the Iams site, and was a secure page, so I wouldn’t worry about that. But I’ve corrected the addy to go through Start Sampling, anyway. Thanks!

  2. Thank you! (I just hope my felines won’t get hoity toity about going back to their Purina Cat Chow (chow chow chow!) after sampling the Iams…)

  3. Thanks for the link, the company should be on the safe side even if they’ve had products involved in the recall. They were one the first companies to do the recalls and pretty much forced their manufactoring plant to go public with the news when it was dragging it’s feet. So, at least Iams is on top of the ball and isn’t afraid to do what’s right.

    ..course we’ve got pigs, chickens and now fish that have been fed with the poisoned pet food and sold to consumers so there’s not so much choice in human or pet food anymore 😛

  4. Thanks, and sorry for freaking out. *blush*

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