Gold star for Laura!

By Mir
May 22, 2007

Pretty, pretty Laura just emailed me that she’s been browsing the Amazon Toy Sale and that this Plan Toys Dollhouse has just dropped to nearly 90% off!!

If you have been thinking about buying a dollhouse, RUN and grab this. Plan Toys make gorgeous, sturdy stuff and I have never seen such a deal. Laura totally gets two cookies.

[Psssst! Need some other stuff to get your order up to $25 for free shipping? Check out these other Plan Toys deals! These are all quality wooden toys, and many of them marked waaaaayy down.]

[Edited to add: Can’t. Stop. Looking. Check out this castle for just $4.72! My brain is melting from the amazing deals!]


  1. OMG!!!!! She totally gets 5 hundred bajillion stars! I just got two castles and two dollhouses for under $30, and saved $50 on the shipping! I just snatched them right up before they all sold out. I’m going to look at the other stuff right now. My husband will kill me.

  2. I am getting HUGE shipping charges – why?

  3. I have been looking for a decently-priced wooden dollhouse for months! Laura, THANK YOU!!!

  4. Don’t forget to change it to Super Saver Shipping when you’re checking out, LAC. 🙂

  5. LAC-That happened my first time through check out, too. Make sure all the items in your cart are being sold by Amazon. I had thrown in a Plan Toys dollhouse family sold by another retailer without realizing it. Once I removed that item, free shipping was available again.

  6. WOW! The gift closet is going to be filled with tons of PERFECT gifts. That I got cheap. And shipped for free. Freakin’ awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Well, Amazon must have caught on because it’s coming up at 69.95. You lucky girls who were quick on the draw!

  8. So totally missed that one. Darn it. I was going to stock up not only for my daughter but others as well.

  9. Darn, they were both way back up so I missed or I know a lucky little girly in my house who would have been wild with excitment at Christmas time

  10. aw, man! oh well… maybe next time! 🙂 congrats to you gals who grabbed it!

  11. So Close. I had the dollhouse in my cart and paused to look around at other stuff, by the time I checked out they were no longer available 🙁 But I got the castle and some of the wooden ring stackers for super cheap, I’m all set for baby gifts now!

  12. argh! they are $49 and $69 now!

  13. I found a bunch of $20 toys for $2!!!! I LOVE this!

  14. I’m glad a few of you got the dollhouse/castle before it sold out! I wasn’t so lucky, but I did get a whole bunch of stuff for less than $20, including a several plan toys for Ava’s 2nd birthday in June, a few science kits for the boys, a phonics game, some stocking stuffers … Then at the end I had to buy a book to get the free shipping. Win-win!

  15. Aw; none are on sale anymore, I think. Fast going! Only about two hours or so.

  16. Thanks Laura and Mir!! Yesterday I put a castle in my cart but by the time I finished shopping the price had gone back up. I did get some of the cute baby Plan toys for gifts and added a book I wanted. And alas, I just had to add my favorite Stacy’s Pita Chips (Cinnamon) to get the free shipping. I cannot find them anywhere in stores, so I’m stocked up! Mmmm!

  17. Awww- I REALLY wanted that doll house. Any chance it goes on sale again before Christmas, or was this the big toy sale of the year?

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